Our History

The company was founded by family Navarro in 1985.
First with the name of Eurolimousines then during a merger in 2007 with Connexion.com become Elite Limousine Service.

The company has continued to expand and diversify. Our customers are loyal for years, a sign of our consistency in our high quality services. 

Multinational companies, embassies, the Royal family, some departments of the European Union, events consortium, international foundations and VIP are our customers every day. 

In 1991 Tony was one of the first serve its customers around the world by building a global network that now serves the 5 continents and more than 600 cities. 

This international vision is a part of increasingly significant in the activities of our company. 

Today ELITE Limousine Service despite its growth remains a family company proud of its history.
Since 2022 , Powered by BRUSSELS LIMOUSINE SERVICES. The succession is assured.